Solutions for SEO specialists

The purchase of expired domains can be useful for search engine optimization (SEO) for several reasons:

  • Existing backlink profile: One of the greatest strengths of expired domains is their established backlink profile. If a domain has accumulated high quality backlinks over the years, this can contribute significantly to search engine optimization. These backlinks can be seen as “votes” for the credibility and authority of the domain, which is viewed positively by search engines.
  • Domain age: Search engines tend to place more trust in older domains. An expired domain that has existed for many years could therefore be classified as more reliable and trustworthy, which can have a positive effect on the ranking.
  • Faster indexing and visibility: As expired domains were already known and indexed in the search engines, they can often be re-indexed more quickly. This speeds up the process in which the new content of the domain is recognized by search engines and taken into account in the ranking.
  • Keyword relevance: Some expired domains contain keywords that are relevant to a specific business or industry. These keyword-rich domains can improve the ranking for certain search queries.
  • Competitive advantage: By acquiring an expired domain that is already well-known in your industry or niche, a company can gain a competitive advantage by capitalizing on its already established reputation and visibility.
  • Building a private blog network (PBN): Some SEO strategies involve building your own pool of thematic blog pages. Here, expired domains with strong backlink profiles are used to set links to a main website. This can improve the ranking of the main website.

On the nicsell platform operated by us, you can easily see the important SEO key figures for all domains that become available in the major European domain extensions. This pre-filtering makes it easy for you to make an initial selection of domains for which you should take a closer look at the backlink profile.

Cost savings on domain fees

Every SEO expert will probably have a large number of domain names. It’s important to not only have low prices, but also a partner who offers fast, uncomplicated solutions for domains, such as 301 forwarding of a domain.

Either register directly with the nicsell marketplace for SEO domains or get in touch with us and ask us your questions.

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