Solutions for brand owners and large companies

Unfortunately, we do not offer large companies and brand owners a comprehensive range of domain and web hosting services. Despite our five-digit number of customers and over 350,000 managed domains, we are too small and too specialized for that. Although we are directly accredited with many domain registries in Europe, offer high security standards, a German head office and top customer service, the domain area is so large and complex that we do not offer certain topics such as DNS, SSL, servers or web hosting comprehensively, but only in parts for specific applications. Therefore, our intention is not to host your most valuable domain or to take over your web hosting, but to be available to you as an additional technical partner in important areas such as brand protection or cost reduction for product domains.

Protect and strengthen your brand in the digital world

Your brand is your most valuable asset. We have experts who have been dealing with domains full-time for more than two decades. They know all the tricks and variants such as cybersquatters with typosquatters who exploit your well-known brand. Once someone has found a common typo in your brand, they will turn it into money:

In most cases, the cybersquatter provides false information in the domain owner data or is based in countries where it is difficult to legally trace them. Cybersquatters earn their money in a variety of ways: A common scam used by cybersquatters is the use of so-called domain parking providers. Here, advertisements (often from competitors) appear or the user is redirected directly to the target pages of stores via pay-per-click or affiliate programs. Even more unscrupulous cybersquatters also redirect to malware sites or phishing and spy on incoming emails sent to typo email addresses.

We support you in identifying such problems and make suggestions as to which common typosquatters you should register yourself as a preventative measure.

Targeted marketing strategies

Registering domains that include not only the company name but also product names can be useful for companies for several reasons: Specific product domains enable more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Companies can create special landing pages for individual products or product lines on these domains, which can lead to an increased conversion rate. Product-related domains can improve visibility in search engines, especially if the domains contain keywords that are frequently searched for. This can lead to a higher ranking in search results. By registering domains for your product brands, you stand out from the competition and strengthen your own brand identity in the digital space. With us, this is particularly cost-effective, and we can forward these product domains directly to subpages of your website defined by you if you wish.

These are just two examples of the many domain-related services we can offer you. Get in touch with us.

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