About DomainProfi

In 2008, we specialized in the trade and registration of domain names. We mainly sell descriptive, German-language terms. Our proprietary portfolio of over 200,000 domains offers a large selection. You are welcome to use our search function to look for interesting domains.

No, we only market our own domains. If you would like to sell domains to us, please send a list with your asking price to info@domainprofi.com.

Of course, despite the several hundred million domains that exist worldwide, there are still free domains. But the Internet and its domains have been around for about 30 years. Ask yourself whether the domain that is still free is really such a good domain if nobody has registered it for such a long time. A domain as a marketing tool is much cheaper than print or television advertising. You can also use the domain permanently and attract new customers with a meaningful domain name. In the long term, your domain will pay for itself.

The following points, among others, are decisive for our pricing: Commercial usability, domain length and the search engine properties of a domain. We also take real sales prices into account as a reference for the market value of the domain.

No, we do not provide statistical values for domains. You only buy the URL from us, not any values. The term should be decisive for your purchase decision. Statistical values may not always be reliable and may differ depending on the source. Therefore, we do not want to make statistical values part of a domain sale.

About domains

Use our convenient search function to find your desired domain. You then have the option of requesting a price. We will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss the price with you. Alternatively, you can call us directly on +49 541 4069300.

To purchase the domain, you pay us the agreed purchase price once. After that, you will not incur any further costs on our part. However, please bear in mind that this is independent of your provider’s costs for hosting and maintaining the website.

As a rule, you pay in advance within 14 days of the invoice date. In addition to the classic bank transfer, you also have the option of paying via PayPal or an escrow service (e.g. Sedo or Escrow). Alternatively, individual arrangements can also be set out in a domain purchase agreement.

After a successful sale to you, you will receive an order confirmation and the corresponding invoice by e-mail. As a rule, payment is due within 14 days. After receipt of payment, we will send you an authcode for the domain transfer. You can use this code to transfer the domain to a provider of your choice. In rare cases, an additional form is required, but this depends on your hosting provider. If your provider requires such a form, please fill it out and send it to us by e-mail. We will return it to you signed.

An authcode (also known as authinfo) is a type of password for the domain transfer. This is required for the transfer of almost all domain endings. In most cases, the authcode is valid for 30 days. Please transfer the domain within this period.

A provider is a member of the respective registry (for .de, for example, DENIC). You can manage your purchased domain via a provider. Well-known providers are, for example, 1&1, Strato, InternetX and united-domains. You are free to choose which registrar you would like to transfer to.

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