Solutions for generating leads and increasing sales

An expired domain that already has existing traffic can be redirected directly to your main website or a specific landing page. Visitors who visit the expired domain will be redirected to your site, where they can be converted into leads and sales.

The advantage is that with the one-off purchase of the domain (from EUR 10) and low domain fees, this can be significantly cheaper than buying traffic on a click basis, e.g. in the major search engines. A wide range of filter and search options on the nicsell domain marketplace make it easy to identify and register expired domain names that are relevant to your industry.

It is important to note that you should not infringe any third-party trademark or name rights. Our database lists [all expiring domains] and you are responsible for selecting which ones are suitable for your industry and which are legally unobjectionable.

A further benefit of these expired domains can also be search engine optimization (SEO).

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