Solutions for domain traders

For domain traders whose business it is to buy domains cheaply and resell them at a higher price, DomainProfi offers several services under the nicsell brand:

Domain Dropcatching:
Domainprofi GmbH monitors all major European domain endings for domains that become available. Domain traders can buy domain names here for low purchase prices starting at EUR 10 per domain.

Domain marketplace:
On the nicsell marketplace, domain traders can easily resell larger domain inventories. As a rule, the buyers here are other domain traders or domain investors and not end customers. Although this may mean somewhat lower prices than when selling to end customers, it has the advantage that the buyers here do not just buy the one name they need for a specific project, but domains from all sectors and types.

Registrar wholesale prices:
Since domain traders usually hold a three- or four-digit number of domain names for resale, the ongoing costs of domain fees are very important to them. With us, you benefit from very attractive wholesale domain prices and can thus increase your return on investment.

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