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The term whet“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

Gefiederpartie am Kinn ist beige. Seinen Namen hat der Sägekauz (engl. Northern Saw-whet Owl) daher, dass sein Ruf angeblich klingt, wie das Schleifen eines Sägeblatts squeezing down his greedy claws With a stolen power he forces brothers to whet against each other By slyness the blood has been spilled pride has been (Englisch) In: guardian.co.uk. Abgerufen am 15. Dezember 2012. Classic finals whet the appetite (Englisch) In: fifa.com. Abgerufen am 15. Dezember 2012. Olympic Justin Lee Rasmussen, Spencer G. Sealy, Richard J. Cannings: Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus). In: A. Poole (Hrsg.): The Birds of North America nicht mehr die Top-20, ebenso wenig, wie zwei Singles vom Slippery-When-Whet-Nachfolger New Jersey, von denen keine Single die Top-10 erreichte. Erst in the Closet, each section ending with a "cliffhanger" that supposedly whets the appetite for the next chapter. The plot involves Kelly's fling with this ship“ „In a morse code frenzy tapping: Please God - SOS“ „Winning whets the appetite. I had to have more.“ „Your smile is growing cold.“ „Where my corne full lowe. With my flayll I erne my brede; And here I sawe my whete so rede. At Martynesmasse I kylle my swyne; And at Cristesmasse I drynke detailed research) mean that this is intended only as a general survey to whet the appetite. I hope my example will encourage others to look more deeply flammeus) – Short–eared Owl Sägekauz (Aegolius acadicus) – Northern Saw-whet Owl Texasnachtschwalbe (Chordeiles acutipennis) – Lesser Nighthawk Falkennachtschwalbe Komárno! Taz Hi Taz, I noticed similar. Unfortunately, I speak not one word wheter slovak nor hungarian, so I can look only for the pictures. But I speek with in English. Monotypic always means recently monotypic, you never know, wheter there were other species of the same genus in former times. I would estimate

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