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The term timz“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

weitere Modifikationen (Dayz Origin, DayZ Origins, Dayz Epoch, Dayz 2017, TimZ, Dayz Overwatch etc.) zur Mod hinzu, um nur einige zu nennen. Um der breiten Thomas Hanna, known by his stage name Timz, is an Iraqi-American rapper of Chaldean descent best known for his song "Iraq". His debut album is entitled Vogt-Khofri Gabriel Asaad Aril Brikha Habib Mousa Janan Sawa Josef Özer Juliana Jendo Linda George Sargon Gabriel Timz Wadih El Safi Munir Bashir Jamil Bashir Institute for the Study of Iraq "Iraq", a song by Iraqi-American rapper Timz Iraqi (disambiguation) IRAC Interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase (IRAK) "Otherside of the Game 2" (featuring San Quinn and Ive Low) – 4:13 "Custom Timz" (featuring D-Moe) – 2:35 "All the Above" – 3:27 "457 Representaz" – 4:18 the one deleted as a result of the AfD at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/TIMZ --Eastmain (talk) 19:18, 25 May 2008 (UTC) He is Chaldean Catholic by Religion The song contains samples of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" and Cru-L-T's "Timz Change". In the United Kingdom, the single was released the same week as "Can We Dance" was written by Karl Michael, Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Timz Lam and Espionage, and produced by Mars and Espionage. The official music activist Ashur Bet Sargis, Assyrian singer Janan Sawa, Assyrian musician TIMZ, rapper Rend al-Rahim Francke, politician, political activist and once held Saddam Hussein Diane Pathieu, television anchor Janan Sawa, Assyrian musician Timz, Assyrian-American rapper Justin Meram, footballer Sargon Dadesho, campaigner in the 1930s and 1940s Ninsun Poli (active 2004-) Nawfal Shamoun (1968-) Timz (real name Tommy Hanna, born 1985) Assyrian American Rap musician Marganita album Code Green: Operation Take Over) 2006: "Public Enemy No. 1" (from the Timz album Open for Business) 2007: "Staying Alive", "Murder'Ra" (from the Z-Ro artist Rola Bahnam – Lebanon based TV presenter and singer with The 4 Cats. Timz (real name Tommy Hanna) – rap musician of Assyrian origin Ninsun Poli Sargon Assyrian artists that traditionally sing in other languages include Melechesh, Timz and Aril Brikha. Assyrian-Australian band Azadoota performs its songs in Swedish rapper and reggae artist Time (born 1985), American hip hop artist Timz (born 1985), American rapper Tinashe (born 1993), American singer-songwriter alveolar flapping. tenting tinting ˈtɪntɪŋ tents tints ˈtɪnts Thames Tim's ˈtɪmz tremor trimmer ˈtrɪmə(r) wench winch ˈwɪntʃ wend wind ˈwɪnd wends winds Jew. Shlomo, human beatbox and member of UK-hip hop act, Foreign Beggars TIMZ Iraqi-American rapper Elliott Yamin Daron Malakian (born July 18, 1975), # Title Songwriters Producer(s) Performer(s) 1 "Timz N Hood Chek" Ewart Dewgarde, Darrell Yates, Tekomin Williams DJ Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz Steele, Blasdell Savan Kotecha Kristian Lundin Falk Lundin 3:034."Can We Dance" Timz Aluo Amund Björklund Philip Lawrence Espen Lind Bruno Mars Karl Michael Espionage3:125 Around the WorldSongwriter(s)Rachel Furner, Nick Atkinson, Timz Lam, Mushtaq UddinProducer(s)Mushtaq Uddin, Timz LamTich singles chronology the WorldSongwriter(s)Jerome Williams, Charlie Brown, Kyle “Logik” BurnsProducer(s)Mushtaq Omar & Timz Aluo (add. Prod)Charlie Brown singles chronology in association with ABC Family Switched at Birth Comedy Central and Five Timz Productions D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List HBO Real Sports with Bryant Fauntleroy Emile Haynie Jeff Bhasker 24K Magic 2016 "Can We Dance" The Vamps Timz Aluo Espionage Bruno Mars Philip Lawrence Michael Karl Meet the Vamps 2013 D.I., Cinto Back for the First Time "Cost of Fame" The Mystro, Arabique, Timz I'm Back "Ready 4 Whatever" Bishop Ready 4 Whatever "I'm on It" Doug Crawford Brazil, seldom the feeling of "zOMG cant u guis see that we arn animoar in th timz of slaveri???!" can be even described as strong), especially if they questioned

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