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The term spsm“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

eine Gruppe Kollegen und Experten unterziehen. Scheduling Professional (PMI-SPSM) Eine Spezialisierung der Projektmanagement-Ausbildung in Richtung Terminplanung Hochschule Chalmers 1981). Seit 1999 ist er außerdem Wissenschaftler am SPSMS (Service de Physique Statistique, Magnétisme et Supraconductivité) der französischen medals. The winners are grouped in the Society of Pro Scientia Medalists (SPSM), in Hungarian as Pro Scientia Aranyérmesek Társasága (PSAT). Az aranyérmesek Purchasing Association, who offers the Senior Professional in Supply Management® (SPSM®) Certification. Supply management is different from supply chain management from the Matarua clan of Navolau, brought Meli Bolobolo's grandfather from SPSM to be installed as the first Tu Navitilevu, although the Fijian Landownership Skyhorse Publishing. p. 556. ISBN 978-1-60239-320-2. "Who down wit' CPP?... or SPSM, CPM, or CPPM?". The Strategic Sourcer. Retrieved 22 June 2016. "3 Supply electrochemical scanning tunneling microscope SHPM, scanning Hall probe microscopy SPSM spin polarized scanning tunneling microscopy PSTM, photon scanning tunneling try+Brigade%22+Vietnam&source=bl&ots=wzmFAJHg4R&sig=WkZLmyyP8kprkAnf2Hq3zSPsmM4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi9-qLZ8_HZAhVBNpQKHddfASc4ChDoAQgtMAI#v=onepage& CCS Workshop on Security and Privacy in Smartphones and Mobile Devices - SPSM '15 (PDF). Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. pp. 87–98. doi:10 Purpose Pistol SPR – Special Purpose Rifle SPS – Standard Positioning Service SPSM – Sensorgezundete Panzerabwehr SubMunition SPW – Special Purpose Weapon SR account also called Spsm. To make sure that both of you can use all Wikimedia projects in future, we have reserved the name Spsm~enwiki that only you Hello Senthil spsm! Welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. If you decide that you need help, check out Getting Help below, ask me on my PD-self. There is also a previous discussion here. That previous image (Image:SPSM.05.5.JPG, a very similar filename, uploaded 17 May 2005) was described as this time. --BigBlueFish 16:44, 9 November 2005 (UTC) It pointed to File:SPSM.05.5.JPG, which appears to me to be a dead link. I admit that the link is from our mirrors, like answers.com. If you do a Google image search for SPSM.05.5.JPG , you can get small versions. (But, if you don't know where it originally --NorwegianBlue talk 01:07, 10 May 2009 (UTC) Thanks for uploading File:SPSM Cellblock 50%.jpg. You don't seem to have indicated the license status of You'll need to go to commons to do that. The page to edit is commons:Image:SPSM.05.jpg. And thanks for the barnstar! MER-C 10:29, 9 November 2007 (UTC) at Wikipedia talk:Plagiarism (I am assuming here that Image:SPSM.05.5.JPG and Image:SPSM.05.jpg were the same - but regardless, PD-self for South Pole

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