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The term pbuh“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

Bukhari, Book 60: Prophetic Commentary on the Qur'an (Tafseer of the Prophet (pbuh)) 24.48408611111139.578908333333Koordinaten: 24° 29′ 3″ N, 39° 34′ 44″ O dass man an dem Tag fastet oder sonst irgendwie gedenkt. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) entered Medina in the first year of Hijra and noticed the Jews fasting. of Saudi Arabia shall be the Book of God and the Sunnah of his Messenger (PBUH). The Law shall set forth the hierarchy and jurisdiction of the Board of Quellenangaben hilfreich: "Dawa is an obligation, not an option. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Convey this Message, even if only one sentence (or verse)" [Bukhari] kommt in der WP genausowenig in Frage wie die Abkürzungen wie "SAW" and "PBUH". Nix mit "Alternative". Auf religiös beschleunigten Islam-Foren kannst Du Introduction – Sarah Rhalem I Look, I See – Yusuf Islam Praise to the Prophet (Pbuh) – Zain Bhikha Selawat – Khalid Belrhouzi Al Fatiha – Sarah Rhalem God Is en:wp mal einer durchdrücken wollte, dass hinter jeder Nennung von Mohammed "PBUH" (Peace be upon Him) stehen soll? -- Ishbane (Diskussion) 19:39, 17. Mai all the Muslims believe in the finality of the prophet hood of Muhammed (pbuh), this group believes otherwise, therefore going against one of the basic Al-Maliki government to adopt the US position on Syria. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: “Those who support the aggressor will be hunted by him.” The US may Online-Petition mit den Worten "In Islam picture of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other Humans are not allowed. But Wikipedia editors are showing illustrations zu schreiben und zu sagen. In der englischen Wikipedia benutzt man dafür "pbuh" --> "Peace be upon him" Es wäre besser, wenn du einen Muslim über den Propheten

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