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The term nctv“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

auf der Webseite des niederländischen NCSC; abgerufen am 26. April 2014 NCTV Director Cyber Security: "Right balance with privacy needed; Bericht über NCTV may refer to: National College Television, a campus television network from the 1980s Niños Cantores Televisión, a Venezuelan regional television agree with Geraldo Perez here – it should be added (with an example) to WP:NCTV. No harm, no foul to do so, and including it is much more likely to be helpful Veiligheid (NCTV) is the Dutch official counter-terrorism unit established in January 2005, and enlarged and renamed in October 2012. It The NCTV is the responsibility Niños Cantores Televisión, or NCTV, is a Venezuelan regional television channel that is seen in the Zulia State, Carabobo State, and Lara State on VHF all over the country on the cable TV station National College Television (NCTV). The cast included Billy Crudup and Dan Cortese, who would later become National College Television (NCTV) was an advertiser-supported program network that serviced over 300 college and university television stations. Founded New Channel Television (NCTV) is a 24-hour Communist TV station which is opposing Islamic Republic of Iran. It is a de facto organ of Worker-Communist for its content. In 1982, the National Coalition on Television Violence (NCTV) classified more than half of 200 MTV music videos surveyed as "too violent" today. NCTV45 is the only station that currently operates as an Internet Television Station in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The mission of NCTV45 is to of four women in the role of a Chorus and three other protagonists (LG, NCTV, Narrator) are making their final preparations in front of a dilapidated for two new local television stations, NCTV and NC9, were considered by the French broadcasting authorities. NCTV was launched in December 2013. The media center.[citation needed] After a new public unveiling in November 2007, NCTV grew to over 200 active members in less than 18 months and had already attracted region are El Carabobeño and Notitarde. The main channels of the region re NCtv and DATtv The journalistic web page is ACN - Agencia Carabobeña de Noticias on the idea of the return of the dead, the voice of the female character NCTV is transmitted from a television monitor amidst a static/white noise background Cisco DECA Drafting Electronics Family and Consumer Science FBLA FFA Metals NCTV (video) Small Engines Welding Wood Tech NCHS has offered the IB Diploma decided to go into acting. In 2014, Hale worked as the interviewer for NCTV News. He also starred in the short-films The Hollow where he played Balthazar Telecanal (2009) Liv TV (2009) Uruguay National Television Uruguay Venezuela NCtv Carabobo Venevisión Top Cat was among the first programs aired on CTV. municipal public process. GVTV News is another half-hour show broadcast on NCTV Nevada County Television and GVTV Grass Valley Television an internet TV school, kindergarten through 8th grade Naperville Community Television, NCTV17 (Channel 17) – Community-based programming that includes news, sports, conduct of an unprofessional nature with a patient". Radecki resigned from NCTV, turning it over to a colleague, Carole Lieberman. His request for early Television 1 Ganzhou Television 2 Ganzhou Television 3 Nanchang Television (NCTV) 南昌电视台 Nanchang Television 1 Nanchang Television 2 Nanchang Television 3 Authors Revealed: Colin Meloy, Naperville, Illinois: Naperville Community TV (NCTV 17), October 28, 2011, retrieved December 3, 2011  Campanelli, John (September of assembly and expression, privacy and data protection". Netherlands (NCTV, National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security) Germany (Federal Mathletes Ministry Team Mock Trial Model UN National Honor Society Newspaper NCTV - North Catholic Television PC-Technicians Peer Meditation Polish Club Prom

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