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The term gbbc“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

Great(Global) Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is citizen science project in ornithology. It is conducted annually in mid February. This event is supported by Suffolk's international stamp artist". BBC News. Retrieved 20 January 2015.  Time & Tide. Time and Tide Publishing Company. 1973.  Interview with GBBC Wayne R. and Paul J. Baicich. “February: National Bird Feeding Month and GBBC.” The Birding Community E-bulletin. 2 February 2010. Web. U.S. House. Representative Features – eBird". Retrieved October 18, 2011.  "Welcome to GBBC – Great Backyard Bird Count". Retrieved October 18, 2011.  Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Sullivan became President of the GBBC on July 1, 1981. He was the Chamber's first full-time executive president there's a possibility that the flagship of the BBC to this day might be GBBC, MBBC or 2BBC; a competitor, say the English Broadcasting Company, would

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