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The term enyn“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

Metathese-Reaktionen unterschieden: Ringschluss-Metathese (Ring-closing metathesis, RCM) Enyne-Metathese (EM) Ringöffnende Metathese (ring opening metathesis, ROM) Ringöffnende regio-, and chemo-selective synthesis of terminal and internal conjugated enynes by the Pd-catalysed reaction of alkynylzinc reagents with alkenyl halides S. 874–922. A. G. Myers, P. S. Dragovich: Synthesis of functionalized Enynes by Palladium/Copper-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions of Acetylenes with (Z)-2  Michael Schmittel, Marc Strittmatter: Cyclization of carbonyl substituted enyne-allenes: C2-C6-cyclization induced by heat or by addition of samarium(II) Stelzer und H. Szillat: Platinum-catalyzed Cycloisomerization Reactions of Enynes. In: Journal of the American Chemical Society. Band 123, 2001, S. 11863–11869 Jin, Cook Group: Palladium Catalyzed Cyclization/Suzuki Coupling of 1,6-Enynes (Memento vom 20. September 2009 im Internet Archive) (11. Februar 2005)

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