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The term accompaniment“ is e.g. being used in the following contexts:

Generalbass (Basso continuo) : Datei:Accompaniment_Bach_ostinato. png | Ostinatobegleitung im Italienischen Konzert In der Musik der großen … Musical MIDI Accompaniment , eine freie Begleitautomatik für MIDI-Instrumente. Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. die Schweißtechnik " … Op.37c Three Sonatas for the Pianoforte, with accompaniment for a Flute or Violin ad lib (gew. Mme. Récamier) Op.47 Trois Sonates pour le … 2012 erschien mit Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World das erste reguläre Album nach Vain von 2004. Um seiner dramatischen … VI Sonatas for the Piano-Forte or Harpsichord with an Accompaniment for a Violin (Es-Dur, D-Dur, C-Dur, B-Dur, G-Dur, F-Dur), 1775; … (mit vollständiger Orchesterbegleitung) (Best Classical Performance – Concerto Or Instrumental Soloist With Full Orchestral Accompaniment): … klassische Instrumental-Darbietung – mit konzertgemäßer Begleitung (Best Classical Performance – Instrumentalist With Concerto Scale Accompaniment): … Musikeditionen (Auswahl) : 24 Songs with pianoforte accompaniment. Edited by E. Pauer. Eng. & Ger. Offenbach s./ M, Chez Jean André, 1871 … The Battle of Prague, Sonata in F major for pianoforte with accompaniments for violin, cello and drum“, Op. 23 (London, J. Lee, um 1788) … 2006: By the Rivers of Babylon (version for solo intoning voice and adapted viola with spoken, sung and played accompaniment on horn, … The bases & accompaniment if possible is better than usual. But I fear ’twill not be acted very long. The Town dont much admire it. … … Mai 1949 | TT 1003 | Blue Baby, I Want My Baby | Little Walter Vocal with Sunny Land Slim and Muddy Water (sic ) Accompaniment | Sunnyland … Originaltext in englisch: With superb accompaniment from Nelson Veras on acoustic guitar, Rémi Vignolo on double bass, André "Dee" … Pianoforte and Guitar accompaniments to various Pieces for the Gigelira , etc. London 1882 12 Easy songs with accompn. for the guitar. … an oratorio / composed by Louis Spohr ; the English adaptation by Edward Taylor ; the pianoforte accompaniment arranged by Ferdinand Spohr. … It can be ground into mint sauce or jelly - the ultimate accompaniment to roast lamb. Peppermint has dark green leaves and is used to … Mazurka elegante : for violin with piano accompaniment, op. 25, no. 4, New York, O. Musin Publishing, 1912 The nightingale (Le Rossignol), … Als Ersteinspielungen sind zwei frühe Stücke von John Cage enthalten: »Solo with Obbligato Accompaniment of Two Voices in Canon, and Six … achieved by the towering genius of Tom Jobim’s tunes and spare piano accompaniment, Gilberto’s uniquely intimate voice and guitar, a rhythm … Diese setzten dabei auf gewaltfreie Methoden wie schützende Begleitung (Accompaniment), gewaltfreies Dazwischentreten (Interpositioning), … Datei:Christian Wolff prepared piano performance 2007 Feb. jpg | Christian Wolff mit präpariertem Klavier im Februar 2007 Christian Wolff … Bestes Arrangement als Gesangs- oder Instrumentbegleitung (Best Accompaniment Arrangement For Vocalists Or Instrumentalists): … Rage and pathos bubbling in Bowie’s performance, not to mention the squeaking of Mr Mercury’s accompaniment.“ Aufführung: Queen spielten … self-expression, the almost complete lack of outside information, the constant accompaniment of Soviet propaganda and official orders, i.e., … William Grant Still: Plain Chant for America: for baritone voice with orchestral accompaniment, 1941 William Grant Still: They Lynched Him …

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